NGAS' board members are a mixture of experienced people from the development sector, the farming community which imparts knowledge on best practices in soil testing, organic farming, water and soil conservation techniques, from the teaching community, from small scale industries and rural health care.

Mr. Ashok Bhati
Aged 50 years and has been involved in the organization since 2001. After graduation he worked in BDDS (Bellary Diocean Development Society) for 6 years and PHSKS (Pavithra Hirudaya Samaja Kalyana Sangha) for 3 years. Having gained 9 years’ experience working with the community and after getting to know the sufferings of the excluded people, he decided to work towards including them in the main stream of the society. He has been with NGAS for 19 Years and has 3 decades of experience in the development sector. He is also the Founder member and President of the organization. He has represented the Community in India and presented the community woes in Rome in 2016.
Vice President
Aged 46 years old and has a Diploma in Teacher’s Training. She worked as a teacher for 8 years. She is good in organizing women and she has formed SHGs.
Mr. Paul Raj Yemini
Aged 49 years and have graduation in commerce. After graduation he has worked in Shaksharatha Andolana as a Coordinator for 3 years and 8 years in PHSKS (Pavithra Hirudaya Samaja Kalyana Sangha). He has been in NGAS for 19 years and he has a total of 28 years’ experience in the field.
Joint Secretary
Aged 47 years and has been educated until standard 7. She served as the Taluk Panchayat Member and Vice-President for 5 years. She is involved in farm based activities and organizing women into SHG and federation. She represented the organization at Rome in the year 2016.
Aged 50 years and educated up to standard 7. He is a farmer by profession. He is the president of the Farmer’s Sangha. He has been promoting farmers’ sangha in NGAS’s working area. He conducts meeting and training for the farmers.
Mr.Chowrappa Dandavathi
Board Member
He has studied up to PUC, 5O years old. Doing farming work and helps the farmers by way of giving information of quality seed, organic and vermi compost fertilizer and organic pesticides preparation and demonstrate the same to the farmers. He is a farmer by profession and doing social work.
Board Member
Aged 48 years and is a lecturer by profession. He guides to form youth and children groups. Also he supports the organization of cultural and other activities.
Board member
Aged 42 years, she is an Anganwadi Teacher. She guides the women and child health programmes. Also guides the pre and post-natal care of the women and children.
Mr.John Kuri
Board Member
44 years old and a lecturer by profession. He is a specialist in Organic farming. With his knowledge of soil testing, organic farming practices, water and soil conservation techniques he helps the farmers on the field ,be more productive.

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